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Category: Myopia Management

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What Type of Lenses Are Used to Correct Nearsightedness

A young boy smiling while holding a contact lens on his finger as a method of myopia control

You may have heard it called nearsightedness or myopia, but it’s a common condition that makes it difficult for people to see objects clearly at a distance. Nearsightedness is usually diagnosed during a child’s eye exam, as it typically develops during these early years. However, it can also occur later in life, typically due to […]

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Does Myopia Get Worse with Age?

A blurry view of an eye chart over a patient's shoulder showing they have myopia.

Many vision conditions are dynamic, meaning they can progress and develop over time. Our eyes are constantly changing, especially when we’re young. During childhood, many vision conditions start developing and can continue to progress into adulthood. A lot of kids are unaware of vision problems because they don’t know how their vision could look. It’s […]

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