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Eye Care Emergencies

If you think you are experiencing an eye care emergency, please contact our office. We offer after-hours emergency eye services for our patients. Please call our office and a representative will get back with you shortly. In some cases, you may be referred to the emergency room.

Eye care emergencies can be caused by:

  • Blunt trauma to the face or head
  • Chemicals in the eye
  • Burns
  • Objects in the eye
  • Cuts and scratches
  • Severe onset or worsening of eye infections

Sometimes, eye care emergencies are characterized by a sudden onset of symptoms unrelated to any type of known injury.

Seek emergency eye care if you experience:

  • Sudden onset of flashes 
  • Sudden onset or increase in floaters
  • Headaches
  • The appearance of a dark curtain in your vision
  • Sudden blurred vision in one or both eyes

Types of Eye Care Emergencies

Many different types of eye emergencies can occur. Knowing what they are and how to handle them will make you better prepared if they arise.


A direct hit to the eye or face can create blunt trauma, which can result in a black eye or swelling around the eye.

Sometimes, a hyphema can occur when swelling from the face affects the eye itself. Hyphema is when blood collects behind the cornea and in front of the iris, similar to a bruise. Treatment may not be needed in mild cases, but if pain or excessive blood is accumulating, it may be time to seek emergency care.

Common household and workplace products, aerosols, and fumes can get in your eyes, causing a chemical injury. Your cornea can be permanently damaged by some types of chemicals.

Burns can be caused by heat sources like the sun, boiling water, flame, and loose embers.

If you get chemicals in your eye, it is important to begin flushing them out right away. Use clean water or saline to flush your eyes. If you are using water from a tap, lean your head back and keep your eyes open under the flow of the faucet. Begin seeking medical attention right away, and flush as much chemical out of your eye as possible.

Your cornea is the transparent covering on the outermost part of your eye. Dust, sand, metal, and other small particles can end up in your eye, causing abrasions.

If you’re experiencing persistent pain, redness, and sensitivity to light, seek medical attention.

Depending on the severity, you may experience:

  • Bleeding or discharge
  • Bruising
  • A decrease or loss of vision
  • Double vision
  • Eye Pain
  • Headaches
  • Pupils of different sizes
  • Redness, stinging, or burning
  • Sensitivity to light
  • A sensation that something is in your eye

If you can see a foreign object lodged in your eye, do not try to remove it. Attempts to remove the object may result in further damaging your eye.

If you cut your eye or eyelid, begin by applying a cold compress to help reduce any swelling. Do not apply pressure in an attempt to stop any bleeding, and seek medical attention right away.

If blood is pooling in the eye, apply a clean cloth or sterile dressing. Do not wipe the area as this could cause additional injury.

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