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Dear Patients,

Dr. Dalesio and Fort Myers Eye Associates will be following the most recent American Optometric Association (AOA) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for patient care regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. We are concentrating our care on emergency and urgent eye care needs which require prompt medical attention. Please be assured that our staff will be available by phone to address any needs, and Dr. Dalesio will see patients who he has determined need an emergency or urgent visit to our office. Our office will continue to be available by phone at (239) 437-2004 for patient questions, eyecare concerns, necessary preventive care, and monitoring and refilling of prescriptions (such as contact lens ordering). Dr. Dalesio will continue to see urgent and emergency eye care cases, so please CALL the office should the need arise. We have done a thorough disinfecting cleaning of our office and continue to maintain high standards of cleanliness. We appreciate your understanding of this temporary change in eyecare for our patients. We will update you as new information and recommendations are available.


Seeing the person behind the eyes.

There are two very important facts you should know about Fort Myers Eye Associates and Dr. Dalesio:

Dr. Dalesio performs the most comprehensive eye exams for adults and children.

Dr. Dalesio and his staff are dedicated to keeping your eyes healthy and, if necessary, making corrections in your vision to assure the best possible eyesight.

An eye examination with Dr. Dalesio goes far beyond where most optometrists go. In addition to tests for eye diseases like glaucoma or retinal disease, Dr. Dalesio tests for systemic diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes that can affect the healthiness of the eyes before showing other symptoms. In younger patients, there may be conditions like undiagnosed lazy eyes, eye turns or occular disease that can affect the patient’s vision, health and well being for the rest of his or her lives.

Dr Dalesio is one of Southwest Florida’s top optometrists specializing in learning-related vision problems.

Dr. David Dalesio is a Behavioral Optometrist specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of learning-related vision problems. Many school-aged children who struggle at school may actually have one or more of these learning-related vision problems. Most of these children actually have “perfect” 20/20 vision. Even if they have had a complete eye exam, children with vision-related learning disabilities would not be diagnosed because most optometrists and ophthalmologists do not specialize in this area, so they do not test for these problems.

Dr. David Dalesio
Fort Myers Optometrist | Fort Myers Eye Associates PA | (239) 437-2004
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Fort Myers, FL 33919 4882

Meet The Optometrist

  • Dr. Dalesio
    “When I made the decision to become a Doctor of Optometry, I knew it would take a lifetime of commitment to keep pace with diagnostic and treatment innovation. I stay active in professional associations in order to benefit from the experience and knowledge of my peers. I also exceed the number of hours required for continuing education every year — for two reasons: I’m still fascinated by the eye and behavioral vision disorders, and what I learn might make the difference in sight enhancement, quality of life, or preservation of vision for one of my patients.” Doctorate: Doctor of Optometry, New England College of Optometry, Beta Sigma Kappa Honor Fraternity
, Graduate: B.A., State University of New York at Oswego (double major in Psychology and Biology/Pre-Medicine) Postgraduate Training Includes: Fellowship in the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (FCOVD), Long-term vision care, specialty in learning-related vision analysis and treatment, specialty contact lenses, sports eyewear, glaucoma treatment, and many others
  • "Super friendly professional warm team all working together to make my visit a happy, pleasant one. Dr. Dalesio was very approachable, professional, knowledgeable and caring."

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