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Thinking About Laser Eye Surgery?

If you have worn glasses or contact lenses for a while, you may be considering increasing your quality of life with laser eye surgery. 

Is it right for you?

Our optometrists are here to help you decide what will work for you. Not everyone is a candidate for laser eye surgery, so you will first need to come in and have a consultation to find out if you’re eligible.

Laser Eye Surgery & You

You may be thinking about ditching the glasses and contact lenses, imagining your life without forgetting your prescription sunglasses, or having to deal with inserting and removing contacts every day.

Laser eye surgery is an option for many people who want to improve their vision. It is a common procedure that corrects or improves myopia (nearsightedness). The most common laser surgeries are LASIK and PRK, which reshape your cornea.


Myopia is caused by the shape of the eyeball being elongated, which causes light to not focus far enough back at the retina. Laser surgery for people who have myopia reduces the curvature of the cornea, causing light to focus properly onto the retina. It’s important to realize that laser eye surgery does NOT reduce the eye health risks associated with increased myopia. Myopia increases the risk of macula problems, retinal detachment, and glaucoma.

Is Laser Eye Surgery Right for You?

Laser Eye Surgery is a great option for anyone who wants to experience life without corrective lenses. However, it isn’t for everyone.

Laser eye surgery might be for you if you…

  • Have a refractive error that laser eye surgery may be able to correct
  • Want to decrease your dependence on corrective lenses
  • Don’t have eye disease
  • Have reasonable expectations for the outcome
  • Understand you may still require corrective lenses

These criteria will be covered in more detail by your optometrist at your consultation.

With any surgery, there are always risks involved:

  • Permanent dry eye
  • Difficulty driving at night due to halos, glare, or double-vision
  • You may still require corrective lenses to see perfectly

Rarely, you may experience worse vision or a loss of vision.

How Long Is Recovery Time?

The actual procedure for LASIK and PRK is fairly quick, typically taking around 30 minutes to complete. Afterward, you will be required to protect your eyes at night and use eye drops for a few days or weeks. Some people report light sensitivity and itchy eyes for a few days following the surgery.

You will return to the clinic for a checkup a few days following your surgery. 

During these first few days you may experience:

  • Some mild discomfort
  • Watery eyes
  • Fluctuations in your vision
  • Blurry or hazy images

You should skip vigorous activities for 3–7 days following your surgery, and avoid makeup and lotions for about 2 weeks. 

Your surgeon and your optometrist will be able to guide you through the recovery process.

Open Your Eyes to Clearer Vision

To learn more about laser eye surgery and to find out if you are an eligible candidate, please book a consultation with your optometrist.

We’re here to help you live a simple, hassle-free lifestyle. Come see us to find out if laser eye surgery can help get you there.

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