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Eye Exams: So Much More Than an Eye Chart

At Fort Myers Eye Associates, we know regular eye exams are critical for maintaining your health. Dr. Dalesio puts his years of experience and passion for vision to work, keeping your eyes functioning as well as possible.

Come see us for an eye exam in Fort Myers and experience our top-notch service!

What We Look at in an Eye Exam

Dr. Dalesio prides himself on giving detailed and comprehensive eye exams. At Fort Myers Eye Associates, we know everyone’s eyes are unique: we’re here to assess and treat your eyes. That’s why we offer different eye exams specific to your eye care needs.

How We Test Your Vision

When you think of an eye exam, you probably think of a large chart with letters that get progressively smaller. We do use this to test your vision (it’s called a Snellen Chart), but there’s much more to assessing your sight!

The Snellen chart tests your visual acuity, but we also test your:

We also examine various parts of your eyes to ensure they work correctly and monitor them for potential problems. We will likely assess your:

Your eyes give insight into your overall health. These tests help us keep watch for eye diseases like diabetes, cancer, lupus, and multiple sclerosis, which can show signs and symptoms in the eye.

Protect Your Eyes With a Comprehensive Eye Exam

Your sight is an integral part of how you interact with the world, so we’re here to help you make the most of your vision and live fully. Dr. Dalesio is ready to catch and combat eye problems and help you experience your clearest vision. Visit Fort Myers Eye Associates for an eye exam today!

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