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Convergence Insufficiency vs. a Learning Disability: How to Tell the Difference

A child struggles with a homework task.

The main difference between convergence insufficiency and a learning disability is the underlying cause. Convergence insufficiency is a vision disorder that affects the eyes’ ability to work together and can be treated with vision therapy, while a learning disability is a neurological disorder that affects how the brain processes information. […]

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Should I Buy Glasses From My Optometrist? Top 10 Reasons

A woman trying on a pair of glasses in front of a mirror.

When it comes time to purchase new eyeglasses, many wonder whether they should buy directly from their optometrist or look elsewhere. While there are many avenues for purchasing, including online retailers and chain stores, there are significant advantages to buying from your eye care professional.

Some of these reasons may include:

Personalized care and service

Professional fitting

Quality assurance

Accurate prescriptions

Wide selection of frames

Supporting local businesses

Warranty and repairs



Follow-up care […]

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Why Is My Child Rubbing Their Eyes?

A young girl rubbing her eyes while sitting at a table trying to draw.

The most common cause for eye rubbing is simply tiredness, and many other possible explanations exist. However, if you notice persistent and excessive eye rubbing in your child, it could be a sign of myopia, particularly if there’s a family history. If you’re unsure, an optometrist can look for signs of myopia during a comprehensive eye exam. […]

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Is Vision Therapy for Dyslexia

A young girl smiling, wearing eyeglasses and looking directly at the camera.

Dyslexia is a complex learning disability that impacts millions of people nationwide. It can make it difficult for individuals with the condition to read, write, and comprehend written language.  Over the years, various therapeutic approaches have emerged to address dyslexia, including vision therapy. While vision therapy can’t directly treat learning disabilities like dyslexia, it can […]

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Double Vision in Kids: How Can Vision Therapy Help?

A young boy at the eye doctor reading an eye chart to test for visual acuity.

Double vision can be a concerning issue for anyone, but it can be especially concerning for your child. Double vision can impact a child’s daily life and even hinder their development.  Double vision is most often a sign of a greater underlying condition, such as strabismus (crossed eyes) or amblyopia (“lazy eye”). Fortunately, many of […]

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Why Is My Child’s Eyesight Getting Worse?

A red-haired girl leans closer to her laptop to see its content better.

As a parent, you strive to ensure the well-being and health of your children, and few things are as worrying as seeing their vision getting worse. Fortunately, an eye exam can help you and your optometrist understand your child’s eyesight and could reveal they have myopia. Myopia is a progressive eye condition that can have […]

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