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How To Prepare For An Annual Eye Exam

man receiving an eye exam from his optometrist

How to Prepare for An Annual Eye Wellness Exam

If you are interested in having an eye exam conducted to check on your vision strength and eye health, the first step is to contact Fort Myers Eye Associates, P.A. to make an appointment with our optometrist. Annual eye exams are important so you can see without difficulty in order to maintain healthy eyes. Here are some steps you can take in preparation for your vision exam.

Gather Necessary Documents to Bring with You

If you have insurance, bring along your vision and medical cards so that we can contact your provider to see if you are eligible for a discounted rate. Make sure your current eyeglasses,  that include your outdoor pair, computer pair. Also, bring a list of medications that you are currently taking. Please arrive ten minutes early so you can be checked in.

Know What Type of Service You Wish to Obtain

If you are interested in obtaining contact lenses, be sure to alert us when you schedule an appointment. You will need to have a contact lens analysis in addition to eye exams. This requires an additional charge. Jot down any symptoms you have been experiencing with your eyes and vision so you will remember to discuss them with our optometrist during your annual vision exam. If you are thinking about getting new glasses frames, browse our selection before seeing our optometrist so you have an idea of what we have available in-house.

Consider Bringing Someone Along for The Trip

Should you decide to have your pupils dilated to check for medical difficulties, you will need someone to drive you home after your appointment comes to an end. It is also wise to bring along a friend or family member to help you decide on glasses frames styles and colors.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

If you are ready to make appointments for eye exams with a practitioner who cares about their patients' needs, reach out to Fort Myers Eye Associates, P.A in Fort Myers. Call our optometrist to inquire about scheduling a vision exam at (239) 437-2004.