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Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy at Fort Myers Eye Associates

When anyone in your family, child or adult, experiences functional problems in the relationship between the eyes and vision center of their brain, vision therapy can come to the rescue. A variety of specialized tests and techniques can help identify the nature of the dysfunction, with corrective exercises and other methods often making more invasive solutions unnecessary. Here at Fort Myers Eye Associates, we're happy to provide these advanced vision therapy services.


When Vision Therapy Is Necessary

Vision therapy may be necessary to correct any of a variety of common eye function or visual processing errors. Many of these problems make their first appearance in early childhood, threatening to interfere with normal visual skills development. Common examples include:

  • Strabismus, or eye misalignment
  • Amblyopia, a condition in which the brain partly or totally discounts the visual data from one eye as opposed to the other
  • Eye muscle weakness or coordination issues that make focus, teaming or tracking difficult, especially in frequent computer users
  • Interruptions in normal visual processing due to some neurological injury or ailment
  • Having issues with reading and struggling with homework.

Services From Our Pediatric Eye Doctor in Fort Myers

The good news is that our pediatric eye doctor in Fort Myers has the technologies necessary to confirm specific functional vision problems (following a standard comprehensive eye exam). One such piece of equipment, the ReadAlyzer, makes precise, detailed assessments of reading speed, eye tracking, and differences between right and left eye function, allowing us to identify the underlying cause of a reading or behavioral problem. For those who cannot read, we can also administer developmental eye movement tests. 

Once we understand the exact nature of a functional vision problem, we can often prescribe non-surgical therapies to help correct the condition. One popular myth is that vision therapy is simply a matter of prescribing exercises to strengthen the eye muscles. In fact, our main goal, after treating any obvious diseases or disorders that are interfering with visual function, is simply to teach you to use your entire vision system more efficiently. Our optometrist can prescribe a course of vision exercises that re-establish proper communication and coordination between the eyes and the brain. By training or re-training patients in basic visual skills, we can help this neurological chain operate as it should for accurate, useful vision.

Talk to Our Optometrist About Vision Therapy

The first step in determining whether you, your child, or another family member can benefit from vision therapy is to schedule a comprehensive eye exam at Fort Myers Eye Associates. Call our Fort Myers optometrist today at (239) 437-2004 to set up that appointment!


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