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Technology offered by Fort Myers Eye Associates, P.A in Fort Myers, FL

Here at Fort Myers Eye Associates PA, we make a point of investing in the most advanced eye exam technology on the market today. This state-of-the-art equipment enables us to provide the highest possible standard of diagnostic care and accuracy for patients just like you. Our family eye care technologies include:


Optomap Retinal Imaging

Our Optomap retinal imaging camera can take panoramic, full-color photographs of the inside of the eye, including most of the retinal surface, with no pupil dilation necessary. We can discuss the images with you, point out any issues that require treatment, and maintain an ongoing record for future reference.

Optovue OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomography)

Optovue OCT imaging gives us detailed pictures of each eye's retinal thickness and nerve fiber health.  The OCT is most useful in evaluating the structure of the optic nerve, nerve fiber layers and the macula area. It also lets us study your corneal thickness in preparation if you're considering LASIK or other procedures.

Visual Field Testing

Our visual field testing technology measures both central vision and peripheral vision. Reduced peripheral vision alerts Dr. Dalesio to the possibility of glaucoma, neurological, or retinal issues.

Marco Refraction System

The Marco Refraction System makes evaluating the way light enters your eyes quickly and more accurately than traditional techniques. We can perform detailed wave front refractive measurements on your eyes in a matter of seconds and then use those measurements to prescribe individually precise corrective lenses.

Evoke VEP/ERGs

Our Evoke technology performs VEP (visually evoked potential) and ERG (electroretinogram) tests. These tests tell us how well the optic nerve pathways to the brain are relaying visual data. It also helps diagnose and monitor treatment in diseases like macular degeneration, diabetes, glaucoma, neurological diseases and concussion related issues.  It's especially useful for evaluating the vision of infants or others who cannot describe their vision to us.


Tonometry is a kind of testing that measures the fluid pressure within the eye as a means of checking your glaucoma risk. Our tonometer performs these measures quickly, easily and painlessly.

Vivid Vision Tester

Eye function issues as such strabismus, amblyopia, and convergence problems can seriously impair your vision. Our Vivid Vision Tester can detect these insufficiencies. Dr. Dalesio can then use this equipment to re-train the eyes to work together better.


How efficiently do your eyes move when you read, and how does that affect your reading speed and skill? Our ReadAlyzer can find out. This goggle-type device measures your eye motions and fixations as you read, helping us determine what type of corrective lenses or if vision therapy will beast serve your reading needs.

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