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Pediatric Eye Exams

Eye Exam Services from Our Pediatric Eye Doctor

Children are vulnerable to many eye issues. Eye diseases, functional problems, or refractive errors can all conspire to interfere with the normal development of visual skills, potentially creating serious problems in your child's everyday life. That's why you should rely on our pediatric eye doctor at Fort Myers Eye Associates in Fort Myers, FL, for pediatric eye exams that can identify those problems early on.

Pediatric Eye Exams

Challenges to Normal Visual Development in Kids

Vision isn't a single, clear-cut function, it's a process, a delicate balancing act between the functions of the eye and the vision center of the brain. These parts must learn how to work together over a period of trial and error. For this reason, children don't start to experience visual clarity as we know it until they are several months old. By that point, their eyes should be tracking, teaming and focusing correctly, and their brains should be able to interpret the incoming visual data as images. But this learning process can easily be derailed by issues such as:

  • Amblyopia or "lazy eye," a state of unequal eye dominance that limits depth perception
  • Strabismus, a difference in eye alignment that may make focus, tracking and teaming difficult
  • Eye tumors, juvenile cataracts, or other physical problems that impede vision
  • Congenital refractive errors (farsightedness, astigmatism, and nearsightedness)

If these or other childhood eye issues, such as binocular vision issues, visual perceptual problems, or learning-related complications, stand in the way of normal visual development, your child's balance, hand-to-eye coordination, and reading or writing ability could be affected. 

Our Family Eye Doctor Can Monitor Your Child's Vision

The easiest way to make sure that your children's eyes and vision are on track is to schedule pediatric eye exams at specified intervals. Our family eye doctor, Dr. Dalesio, recommends scheduling the first eye exam at the age of 6 months, which allows us to catch any eye diseases or other obvious physical problems. The next eye exam occurs when children are about 3 years old. The third eye exam should take place when your kids are ready to attend school. We will want to prescribe corrective lenses, vision therapy, or other forms of eye care to give your kids every chance for optimal academic performance.

Looking for Pediatric Eye Care? Call Our Optometrist in Fort Myers

All ages are welcome at Fort Myers Eye Associates. We serve Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Estero, Lehigh, and surrounding areas. If you seek pediatric eye care for your little ones, call our optometrist in Fort Myers at 239-437-2004!

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