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Eyecare Services

Our Eye Doctor In Fort Myers Provides Many Eye Care Services

When it comes to your vision, Fort Myers Eye Associates PA in Fort Myers is a full-service family optometrist and vision therapy provider for patients throughout Fort Myers, Florida. If you need an eye exam, contact lens fitting, or you are concerned about your vision in any way, we are ready to give you the treatment you need.

Optometrist providing services

Comprehensive Eye Exams

If you already wear corrective lenses or not, it is important to get a comprehensive eye exam once a year. If you have vision changes or developing disease, your optometrist will catch it early this way.

Contact Lens Fittings

If you want to try wearing contact lenses, or if your current contact lenses are not working well, or you love your contact lenses, we offer contact lens fittings to get your pair just right for your vision.

Pediatric Eye Care

We provide comprehensive eye care services for children of any age.

Visual Fields

This testing is done to check your field of vision and rule out any potential eye or neurological diseases that could be developing.


Optomapping allows your optometrist to take a careful look at your retinas to make sure they are healthy and aren't deteriorating.

Glaucoma Evaluations

Testing for glaucoma can help save your vision if you are in the early stages of developing glaucoma. Glaucoma is a disease where the eye pressure is too high for that eye and it damages various parts of the visual system, which can lead to blindness. Treatment for glaucoma is most often eye drops.

Cataract Evaluations And Post-op Care

Cataracts are a clouding of your lenses that eventually cause vision problems. Cataracts are removed by replacing your lens. We provide evaluations and post-op care for when you have cataracts removed.

Genetic Testing For Macular Degeneration

If you are concerned that you may develop macular degeneration, we provide genetic testing to see if you are at risk for developing the disease and for which vitamins give the best chance of slowing down the progress of the disease.

Myopia Control

Dr. Dalesio offers three proven options to slow down the progression of nearsightedness or myopia in children and adults.

Supplements For Vision

Great vision starts with getting the nutrients you need through supplements that are healthy for you. We offer supplements to help our patients have the vision health they deserve.

Vision Therapy

To improve your visual system, we provide vision therapy services guided by an optometrist to support your vision functioning. If you or your child are experiencing vision problems due to poor muscle control, issues with reading, lazy eye or have an eye turn, vision therapy may be the answer.

Get An Eye Exam In Fort Myers Today!

If there have been changes to your vision, or you are due for an eye exam, it's time to call Fort Myers Eye Associates at 239-437-2004 and set up a visit with our optometrist in Fort Myers.

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