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Eye Focusing Problems

Our Optometrist In Fort Myers Treats Eye Focusing Problems

Try as you might, you just can't seem to pull that bit of tiny text or distant road sign into sharp focus. A variety of problems can cause your eyes to lose some of their former focusing power, while others can cause focus issues beginning in early childhood. If you or your family members need help with an eye focus problem, Fort Myers Eye Associates is the right place to find it. Our optometrist in Fort Myers can diagnose the underlying cause of the trouble and recommend the right form of care to correct it.


Common Causes of Eye Focusing Problems

Eye focus is a skill that infants learn during their first six months of life. Tiny muscles attached to the eyes' lenses learn how to relax or contract to shift focus between distant objects and nearby ones, working with the vision center of the brain to create clear images. Unfortunately, this focusing system is not immune to malfunction, and when it fails, images go from clarity to a soft blur. Common causes of eye focusing problems include:

  • Eye Alignment or Coordination Errors - If the eyes aren't in perfect alignment or don't move in perfect synchronization with each other, it may be impossible to bring objects into focus. In children, this is often caused, or aggravated, by an eye alignment error called strabismus.
  • Refractive Errors - Refractive errors alter the way incoming light hits the back of the retina. An image that resolves in front of this spot or "behind" this spot will always appear blurry. As you get older, you're likely to develop a condition called presbyopia. In this problem, the lens focus becomes harder for the eye muscles to adjust, making near objects hard to see clearly.

Corrective Lenses, Vision Therapy, and Other Solutions

Eye focus problems can prove alarming, but they can also be managed through proper eye care. Our clinic offers vision therapy for conditions related to eye misalignment or eye-to-eye and eye-brain coordination issues. For instance, vision therapy exercises can re-train the eye muscles to work together more normally. If your problem is related to a refractive error or presbyopia, we can fit you with corrective lenses to compensate, including state-of-the-art multifocal lenses that offer superb clarity at all distance levels. We may even discover that focus issues are being caused by simple eye fatigue, in which we may suggest lifestyle changes or computer glasses.

Visit Our Vision Therapist in Fort Myers

Are you ready to bring your vision back into focus? Call our optometrist and vision therapist in Fort Myers at 239-437-2004 to schedule an appointment. Fort Myers Eye Associates is ready to help you.

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